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Working with the Black Lahu hill tribe of Doi Modt (Ant Mountain).

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Limeleaf eco-Lodge is located on the edge of the Khun Chae National Park in the hills north of Chiang Mai in Thailand. We are perched high above a valley, on the fringe of a temperate, virgin forest at 1100 meters above sea level. Limeleaf is open all year, with the main, dry season from September through to May.

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Limeleaf eco-Lodge

We comprise of 2 main lodges and various chalets. Winai and Noi's lodge acts as the main reception and entertainment area. A stay at limeleaf starts at 350 Baht per person per night. Stays over 2 nights will receive a discount. There is solar power (for limited lighting, charging cameras, laptops etc.), a steam tent, a spring-fed plunge pool, pool table, a swimmable waterfall only 5km away, fresh mountain spring water, wood fire cooking, great food and a fantastic view over looking 3 mountain ranges and a terraced hillside farmed by the Black Lahu (Mhuser) hill tribe.

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Noi and the spectacular views

Noi lives here throughout the year and heads up the camp. Her knowledge of the local area, contacts and friends within the local tribes and wonderful hospitality will guarantee to make your stay unforgetable and as enjoyable as possible.

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We are ideally situated to act as a base camp for trekking, bird watching and enjoying the local flora and fauna whether in a group or alone. We offer trekking and camping opportunities in the surrounding jungle, guided by experienced Sherpas and cooking with only bamboo as utensils. You can also learn about the different herbs, medicines and foods that can be gathered in the forest, take a workshop in organic mountain cooking or visit the local villages. There are also Thai boxing, yoga and dance meditation workshops held nearby.

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Our aim on the hill is to create a lifestyle for ourselves that is open to friends and visitors who share our love and respect of nature. As a result our highest priority is to follow sound, ecological practices that have the minimum impact on the environment. There are limitations set on the number of visitors to Limeleaf so as to reduce the impact on the local area and the Lahu community.

Why not combine a stay at Limeleaf eco-Lodge with a holiday in the historical city of Chiang Mai. To learn more about Chiang Mai attractions visit the 1stopchiangmai website.

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Visit the Limeleaf eco-Lodge video channel to view a tour of the camp as well as videos of the local Black Lahu village.

For all general enquiries please email us on info@limeleaf-thailand.com

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