Flora and Fauna

Limeleaf eco-Lodge is situated on the edge of the Khun Chae National Park .

The Khun Chae National Park covers an area of 270 sq. kilometres and has been classified as one of Thailand's 81 national parks since 1995.


The vegetation of Khun Chae National Park is generally related to elevation. From 300-800 meters, the forest is composed of bamboo, deciduous and deciduous dipterocarp-oak associations; from 800-1,000 meters, the forest is mixed evergreen and pine. The stream bottoms are often surrounded by lush evergreen trees, wild bananas, ferns, mosses and herbaceous vegetation. These stream bottoms often form a rich oasis of vegetation in a forest that is routinely burned by villagers that hunt wildlife and graze cattle. The ridges and mountain tops are typically covered with grasses, pine, oaks and dipterocarps. Near the eastern boundary of the park, a dry dipterocarp forest dominates the landscape.


Mammals can be seen in several different habitats and times of the day in the park. The prime places to see wildlife are in the lush river valleys and moist forests near the higher parts of the park. Though many species of wildlife have disappeared from Thailand and Khun Chae National Park it is still possible to glimpse some of the following; civet; wild pig; barking deer; hog badger; many species of flying arboreal and ground squirrels; bats, hares. The following species are rare but have been seen in Khun Chae: Asiatic Black Bear, Slow Loris, White Handed Gibbon, Leopard Cat, Serow.

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There is still an abundance of bird life among which you might see: Ashy Drongo, Scarlet Minivet, Gray Headed Flycatcher, White Fronted Forktail, Brown Fish Owl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Shikra, Velvet Fronted-Nuthatch, Blue Throated Barbet, Copper Smith Barbet, Blue Winged Leaf bird, Brown Cheeked Fulveta, Red Bungle Fowl.

Reptiles are also relatively common such as Green Tree Viper, King Cobra, Flying Lizards, Geckos, Skinks.


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