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half day trek

Below you will find details of a variety of treks that we offer. On each trek there is a set fee for the guide that can then be divided between up to 6 people.
Either Chiang Mai or Limeleaf eco-Lodge can be used as your starting point.
We also organise bespoke treks and holidays to cater for all capabilities and requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You can download a trekking map to give you an idea of the area by [ clicking here ] or have a look at the lower quality version below.

Limeleaf trekking map

Please select from the list below to discover more about the treks that we offer:


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half day trek

• Day trek - 4-5 hours:

Trek up the hill behind Limeleaf to the ridge where the Lahu village existed until 30 years ago. Imagine how it would have been to live here, high above all below. Take time to appreciate this stunning part of Thailand with its spectacular views and woodland.

500THB for up to 6 people plus 100THB p/p for lunch



over night trek

• Over night trek - 24hours:

  • 1st day: 6-hour trek when you will be introduced to trees and plants used by the Lahu for medicine or food. Set up camp for the night next to a waterfall and build your lean-to shelter for the night from the surrounding vegetation and banana trees. Cook dinner on an open fire using bamboo.
  • 2nd day: 5 hour trek back to Limeleaf via a different route, stopping along the way for a well-deserved dip in a river.



2-day trek from Chiang Mai

The following treks take in forest, countryside, farmland and the local hill tribes.

• 2-day trek from Chiang Mai:

  • 09:30 leave Chiang Mai. An hour and a half drive in the direction of Chiang Rai.
  • Visit the Lahu-na tribe's village, discover their different way of life and have lunch with them.
  • Leave village with a Lahu-na guide who is experienced at living in the forest. Walk up and down hillsides and along river banks where you will look for a good spot to set up camp.
  • Make camp for the night, using bamboo and banana leaves to make the shelter. The Lahu-na guide will prepare the evening meal where all utensils are made from the local bamboo, as has been done for centuries.
  • Dinner and tales around the campfire before bed down, surrounded by the sounds of the forest.
  • Leave camp after breakfast and walk to meet the truck that will drive you to the hot springs.
  • After lunch drive back to Chiang Mai where you will arrive at around 16:00.

Price: 3000 baht per person. (minimum of 2 people) This price includes everything such as transport, food, guides



3-day trek from Chiang Mai

• 3-day trek from Chiang Mai:

  • 09:30 leave Chiang Mai. An hour and a half drive in the direction of Chiang Rai.
  • Visit the Lahu-na village. The Lahu-na are renowned for their hospitality that is still maintained due to the small number of tourists in this region. This is a great opportunity to see the Lahu-na's real way of life. They often make offerings to their ancestral spirits by sacrificing a pig. If you're lucky enough to be there they will share the meat with you and then the dancing begins!
  • Leave village after breakfast and trek into the forest. The Lahu-na guide will teach you how to survive in the forest.
  • Set up camp and have dinner before a well earned rest in the heart of the forest.
  • After a 'jungle breakfast' you will walk along the river where there are many big trees and wild bananas.
  • Meet truck and drive to hot springs where there is plenty of time to look around and to have lunch.
  • Drive back to Chiang Mai where you will arrive at around 16:00.


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extreme trek

• Survival treks:

These treks are not for the faint-hearted!

You will live out in the jungle, trekking and foraging for food with your experienced guide. Your only provisions will be a little rice (plus any snacks you might have stashed!) a machete and torch! You will have no matches for the fire as you will learn to start one with bamboo alone.
This trek is not intended to be very difficult but rather for you to gain a real feeling of surviving with what you have, all be it for a short time, with everything dependant on what the jungle provides.

Survival treks

Survival treks can be arranged to last as long as you like, usually 2 to 5 nights. Please contact Limeleaf to arrange. Treks with greater exposure can also be arranged for more experienced levels if requested.



karen trek

• Trek to remote Karen village (different tribe to Lahu) - 5 nights

Unlike the majority of tours to Karen villages to see the “Long-necks”, ours is not of an exploitative nature. The settlement we visit has no name, and is a 2-day hike from the nearest village. The village elder is over 100 years old and has known Winai for many years. He exclusively allows Limeleaf eco-Lodge to bring a limited number of visitors to the village (approx. 8 trips a year).

  • A 2-day hike with stops along the way.
  • 3 nights under a banana leaf lean-to shelter including one night on the outskirts of the village, followed by invitations to join in the village’s daily routines.
  • A 2-day hike back via another route, making camp along the way, arriving back at Limeleaf late in the afternoon on the 6th. Day.


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