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Below you can find a selection of photos taken by our guests over the years.

You can also see many more on our Facebook page and by joining our Facebook group Limeleaf eco-lodge Facebook group.

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Photos taken in 2016

Limeleaf eco-Lodge • Around camp food • Food
Surrounding area • Surrounding area Pool and SteamTent • Pool and Steam Tent

Photos taken between 2013 and 2014 by some of our guests.

Limeleaf accommodation • Accommodation Building work at Limeleaf • Building work at Limeleaf
Around limeleaf camp

• Around camp

• The pool

Trekking and walking near Limeleaf

• Black Lahu tribe
• Naha and Jaboo's house
• Trekking

Produce and food at Limeleaf

• Self sufficiency

• Food

Limeleaf in the old days • Limeleaf in around 1985

Photos taken between 2011 and 2012 by some of our guests
as well as the local photographer Kru Lee.

Exploring the area • Exploring the surrounding area Hanging out at Leaf eco Lodge • Hanging out at Limeleaf
Limeleaf food • You won't go hungry! Entertainment at Limeleaf eco Lodge • Entertainment

Photos taken between 2009 and 2011

Lime Leaf Eco Lodge • Building Limeleaf Maya Lodge
• Camp photos
• Limeleaf views
Trekking near Lime Leaf Eco Lodge • Trekking near Limeleaf
Black Lahu tribe • The Black Lahu tribe 01
• The Black Lahu tribe 02
Winai's homestay • Winai's Lodge


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A video about Limeleaf eco-Lodge by Lea and Simon from HOPINEO (a community platform for travellers dedicated to better tourism).
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A promotional video of Limeleaf eco-Lodge.

Hidden Cities Extreme: Tarantula (filmed at Limeleaf)
To see more videos please visit the Limeleaf eco-Lodge YouTube video channel.