Activities at Limeleaf

When you are staying at Limeleaf eco-lodge there is a lot to do. First of all you can relax, enjoy the gorgeous views, absorb the sounds of the jungle and just take it easy!

You can go for trekking, birdwatching or discovering the local flora and fauna, either alone or as a group.

You can wander the footpaths that the Lahu have been using for ages and see how they farm on the terraces in the hillsides. And visit the nearby village of the hill tribe where you can try the local food.

Or even better, learn how to cook the local dishes from your host, Khun Noi.

For a more elaborate experience we can arrange camping locations in the area. With a local guide who can teach you how to cook with native utensils and explain the different herbs and foods the Black Lahu gather in the forest, you will catch up on your survival techniques while trekking in the jungle. A great experience!


Pictures by Paul Buffel