The Black Lahu, our neighbours

The Black Lahu are part of an ethnic minority living in Thailand and Myanmar.
They originated from Southern China (Yunnan).

In Thailand live approximately 110,000 Lahu, spread over 385 villages. They are part of 5 distinct groups, the Lahu Nyi (red), the Lahu Na (black), the Lahu Shi (yellow), the Lahu Hpu (white) and the Lahu Shehleh.

The Lahu farm by using slash and burn techniques to clear areas of the jungle. They grow mainly hill rice and corn. In the past their main income came from opium growing. With the help of the Royal Projects this has now changed to fruit, vegetables and flowers. They own domestic animals such as black pigs, chickens and some cattle, and hunting and plant gathering supplements their diet.

Limeleaf eco-lodge works closely with the Black Lahu village in its area. The Lahu enjoy showing people around in their life and culture. They love educating visitors about their food, dances, music, religion, medicine and more. They see this sharing of their life as a way of keeping their culture as a tribe alive. They are very hospitable when you visit the villages and visitors are allowed to spend the night in the village if they would like.